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Best Late Night Restaurants in Bangalore

Updated: Jun 19

late night restaurants bangalore

Are you craving a meal after dark and looking for the best late night restaurants near me in Bangalore? You're in luck. Bangalore has many late-night restaurants catering to every taste and preference. Whether you like a quick bite or a dessert, there is something for everyone.

What are the Late Night Restaurants Near Me in Bangalore?

Known for its vibrant nightlife and diverse culinary scene, Bangalore is a foodie’s paradise. The city’s late-night restaurants really shine after dark. Whether you’re into craft beer or gourmet food, late night restaurants near me come to life, offering plenty of delicious options to satisfy your cravings.

Imagine biting into a delicious puff from Thom's Bakery or enjoying a decadent DBC from Corner House. Or maybe you’re craving Meghna’s special biryani. These local favorites turn a casual night into a fun dining experience.

Add to that the crispy dosas at Vidyarthi Bhavan, the spicy midnight snacks at Empire Restaurant, and the savoury treats at 99 Varieties Dosa, and you have the perfect mix of city favorites. These charming places ensure that no matter your mood, there is something to fill your late-night hunger in Bangalore.

Dining out after dark in Bangalore has a different appeal. The city streets are quiet,er and the ambience of the late-night restaurants makes for a unique experience. Whether winding down after a long day or meeting friends, the atmosphere at these late-night spots makes your meal even more enjoyable.

Bangalore's late-night restaurants offer comfort foods and gourmet dishes to satisfy your taste buds, no matter the hour.

Nightlife and IT Crowd Hangouts

If you want to go out at night, you need to check out these awesome places. From vibrant breweries to trendy hotspots, there is something for everyone. Be prepared for delicious food, refreshing drinks, and great company in these cool places.

1. Boho The Bar

late night restaurants bangalore

Wondering what are the late night restaurants near me? Boho The Bar in Koramangala is the place to be. Popular for its craft beer and lively ambience, it's a favorite among locals and tourists. With regular happy hour specials and live music events, there's never a dull moment at Boho. 

  • Location: Located in the heart of Koramangala, Boho welcomes you with inviting décor and vibrant colours, creating the perfect atmosphere for a getaway with friends night.

  • Crowd favorite: Boho Brewpub offers delicious craft beers and mouth-watering food. Be sure to try their signature Smokey Hot Fashioned and Spicy Chicken Wings for an unforgettable dining experience. Also, people rave about Boho as the ultimate destination for relaxing and enjoying an evening in a relaxed yet vibrant environment. 

2. Toit Brewpub, Indiranagar:

Toit Brewpub is a buzzing hotspot in Indiranagar. It is renowned for its craft beers and delectable cuisine, drawing in crowds with its vibrant energy and inviting ambience.

  • Location: Nestled in bustling Indiranagar, Toit Brewpub offers a rustic ambience with comfy seating and outdoor vibes.

  • Crowd favorite: People rave about the beers, pizzas, and the lively atmosphere at Toit. Try their Toit Weiss and Bacon-Wrapped Chicken—you won't be disappointed!  It's the go-to spot for a good time with friends.

3. Social, Church Street:

Church Street is the place to hang out. With its trendy vibe and cool concept, it’s a popular hangout. Sip their LIIT and taste the Butter Chicken Biryani – they are delish!

  • Location: Located on Church Street, Social boasts modern decor and fun vibes that keep people coming back for more.

  • Crowd favorite: Guests can’t get enough cocktails and fusion dishes at Social. It’s always buzzing with DJ nights and live music – perfect for a night of fun!

Late Night Eateries Open 24/7 in Bangalore

Looking for late night restaurants near me that are open 24/7? Bangalore has some amazing options around the clock to satisfy your hunger. Check out these three places:

A haven for travelers and locals alike, Empire Restaurant serves a variety of North Indian and Chinese dishes. Open 24/7, it’s the perfect place for a delicious meal anytime.

Craving something sweet? Head to Corner House on MG Road for delicious ice cream and desserts available 24/7. If you love Death By Chocolate, then head over to Corner House,  the go-to spot for satisfying your sweet tooth day or night.

A popular coffee chain in India, Café Coffee Day offers a wide selection of drinks, snacks, and desserts. Their many outlets in Bangalore operate 24/7, making it easy to grab a Café Latte or Blueberry Muffin whenever the craving strikes.

Late Night Dining Spots in Bangalore

Finding a decent place to eat is essential if you are hungry late and looking for ‘late night restaurants near me’. Fortunately, Bangalore has some great late night food options. Let’s take a look at three places you might be interested in:

Located in Vishnu Shiva Mall, Ebony has an elegant restaurant overlooking the city. Sometimes, they even have midnight specials for more entertainment and stay open till midnight.

Karavalli serves delicious beach food from South India. Your meal is made memorable with the finest seafood and spices. It is open until 12:30 p.m. and can be found in Ashoka.

If you like Asian food with a modern twist, check out The Fatty Bao in Indira. Its vibrant atmosphere and unique menu make it an exciting place to eat and stay open until midnight.

Comfort Food Spots in Bangalore

When it comes to traditional comfort food places in Bangalore and late night restaurants near me, there are some amazing places in the city that you should not miss. 

This place is known for its crispy dosas and authentic South Indian filter coffee. It has been providing these delicious tastings for decades, making it a popular destination for locals and visitors alike. It is located in Gandhi Bazaar and is open from morning till noon.

Known for its fluffy idlis and delicate vadas, CTR has been a favorite of Bangaloreans for generations. Located in Malleshwaram, it is the perfect place to have a South Indian breakfast. They usually open early in the morning and close in the afternoon.

If you are looking for a simple yet delicious breakfast like idli-vada and Kesari bath, Brahman’s Coffee Bar is the place to go. It is a destination for many Bangaloreans looking for real flavor in a relaxed atmosphere. It is located in Basavanagudi and is open from early morning till noon.

Discover the Best Italian Eateries in Bangalore

Looking for delicious Italian restaurants near you? Bangalore has got you covered in some amazing places. 

Truffles, a charming café in Koramangala, is known for its delicious burgers, sandwiches, and shakes. You must try their Classic Chicken Burger or treat yourself to a Nutella Milkshake. They are open from 12:00 PM to 10:30 PM, so you can reserve one whenever you want.

Located on Lavelle Road, Sunny’s is a cozy place with amazing pasta dishes. You can’t go wrong with their spaghetti carbonara or very tasty tiramisu. Sunny's is open from 12:00 PM to 10:30 PM, making it the perfect spot for lunch or dinner.

Little Italy has branches all over the city and is known for its vegetarian Italian food. Whether you like Risotto Al Funghi or Margherita Pizza, you have you covered. They are open from 12:00 PM to 10:00 PM in Indira Nagar, so you can enjoy their delicious food anytime.

Unique and Specialized Offerings

A few places stand out when it comes to unique special offers in Bangalore late night restaurants near me. Let’s explore these unique spaces that cater to different interests and preferences. From authentic Karnataka dishes to desserts, there is something special for everyone to enjoy.

MTR is a place for lovers of authentic Karnataka food. With its focus on purity and taste, it is a must-visit for foodies who want to experience the authentic flavors of the region. From crispy dosas to aromatic chutneys, every dish at MTR is prepared with care and tradition.

For those with a sweet tooth, Glens Bakehouse is a paradise of decadent treats and baked goods. Whether you love cakes, pastries or cookies, Glens has something to satisfy every craving. Open late at night, it’s the perfect place to indulge in delicious food even after the sun goes down.

Koshis is a wonderful place in Bangalore with a rich history. Since 1940, it has been serving classic Indian and continental dishes that are enjoyed by locals and visitors alike. Don’t miss its specials like Chicken Stew with Appam, Fish and Chips, and Mutton Cutlets. Whether you are there for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, Koshis takes you on a culinary journey through Bangalore’s rich culinary heritage.


From chic cafes to lively pubs, Bangalore offers late night restaurants near me, ensuring there's something for everyone to enjoy throughout the night. These stripes satisfy the night food lover in all of us, so the craving is satisfied, no matter the hour. Late-night dining options abound, but none quite like Boho, where indulging in delicious food and craft drinks is a must for a truly memorable experience. 

Whether you’re relaxing after a long day or catching up with friends, Boho’s relaxed atmosphere and tasteful offerings make it the perfect place to relax and unwind. The rooftop bar in Whitefield boasts a boho dance floor, live music, and an inviting atmosphere, making it the ultimate place to relax and enjoy after a busy day. With its central location and inviting atmosphere, Boho is a happy destination for those looking for a late night.

If you're still looking for late night restaurants near me, head to Boho. Come, indulge in delicious food and drinks, and make lasting memories with a hearty bon appétit!

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