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Upcoming Free Ladies Night Events in Bangalore

Updated: Jun 19

free ladies night in bangalore

Free ladies night in Bangalore events are a big hit in the city. These are special nights at bars and clubs where women get to enjoy some perks like free entry or free drinks. 

So, what exactly is a ladies night? It's a fun event where bars and clubs host evenings specifically for women to come and enjoy themselves, often with added benefits. These events are important because they add a lot of excitement to Bangalore's nightlife, making the city a vibrant place for both locals and visitors.

What to Expect at a Free Ladies Night?

Here's what to expect at a free ladies night in Bangalore.

1. Freebies and Special Offers

Most notably, the main attraction of ladies night is the range of freebies offered, primarily free drinks. Many venues provide a set number of complimentary drinks to women, which could include cocktails, mocktails, or other beverages. 

In addition to drinks, some places might offer discounts on food, free entries, or even special giveaways like beauty products or vouchers.

2. Entertainment and Music

Ladies nights are known for their lively entertainment. You can expect everything from DJ sets playing the latest hits to live bands that bring a dynamic vibe to the evening. Some clubs also feature special performances like dance shows, stand-up comedy, or themed entertainment that aligns with the night’s overall vibe.

3. Atmosphere and Crowd

The atmosphere at these events is usually vibrant and energetic. Clubs and bars put a lot of effort into creating a welcoming and exciting environment, often with thematic decorations and lighting to enhance the mood. 

The crowd is diverse, attracting groups of friends, colleagues, and solo attendees who are there to unwind and enjoy the night. It's a great opportunity to meet new people in a fun setting.

4. Themes and Dress Codes

Many ladies nights have themes or dress codes to spice things up. Themes can range from retro or 80s nights to more glamorous affairs like a masquerade ball or a red carpet evening. Dress codes, if any, are usually in line with the theme, encouraging guests to dress up accordingly, which adds an extra layer of excitement to the event.

5. Safety Measures

Safety is a priority at these events. Most venues employ robust security measures including bouncers and security personnel who are especially attentive on ladies nights. Some places also implement systems where you can discreetly inform staff if you’re feeling uncomfortable or if you need assistance, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone.

6. Networking Opportunities

Ladies night isn’t just about having fun; it’s also a great chance to network. The casual and friendly atmosphere makes it easy to strike up conversations and connect with others. Whether you're looking to make new friends or professional contacts, the environment is conducive to mingling and socializing.

7. Variety of Venues

From upscale rooftop bars to casual pubs, the venues that offer ladies nights vary widely, catering to all tastes and preferences. This variety means you can choose a place that suits your mood, whether you're in the mood for a chic and sophisticated evening or a laid-back night out.

Let’s now look at some of the free ladies night events in bangalore!

Boho the Bar – A Premier Destination for Free Ladies Night in Bangalore

free ladies night in bangalore

Explore one of the most exciting free ladies night in Bangalore at Boho the Bar. Step into 'Boho Nights' at Boho The Bar for an evening where fun meets flair. Whether you're swaying to jazz in Brookefield or toasting to good times in Koramangala, it’s the perfect escape to lighten your week. Bring your friends or mingle with new ones—either way, you’re in for a delightful treat!

Event Name: Boho NightsDate: Every WednesdayTime: usually 8:30 PM (might vary)Locations:Brookefield: Score a free fancy drink with every snack you buy. Tap your feet to live jazz.Koramangala: Cheers to buy-one-get-one-free on all house wines. Unwind to the strum of guitar tunes.Offer: free coctail.

Loveshack - Thursday Nights

Loveshack is another great venue for enjoying free ladies night in Bangalore, with a beach-themed ambiance. Loveshack provides a casual, beach-themed ambiance, perfect for an informal get-together. The venue often features live bands or interesting tribute nights which add to the relaxed, festive atmosphere. It's ideal for those who enjoy a laid-back evening with good music and great company.

Event Name: Girls Go GaGa at LoveshackDate: Every ThursdayTime: 8:30 PM onwardsLocation: Loveshack, DomlurOffer: Free draught beer, wine, and vodka for ladies.

Ladies Night at Big Pitcher

Big Pitcher not only brews its own craft beer but also offers a lively ambiance across multiple floors, each with a different theme and music style. The venue is a hit among tech professionals and groups looking for a lively night out, featuring everything from karaoke nights to live DJ performances.

Join the vibrant crowd at Big Pitcher, a leading venue for free ladies night in Bangalore.

Date: Every ThursdayTime: 8:00 PM onwardsLocation: Big Pitcher, Old Airport RoadOffer: Unlimited free cocktails for ladies.

Ladies Nights at i-Bar

i-Bar offers a luxurious escape on free ladies night in Bangalore, set by the poolside. i-Bar is celebrated for its stylish, poolside setting that offers a luxurious escape from the city’s hustle. The ambiance is enhanced with soft, ambient lighting and chic decor, making it a favorite for those seeking a sophisticated night out. It’s particularly popular among the city's elite and expatriates.

Date: Every WednesdayTime: 8:00 PM onwardsLocation: i-Bar, The Park Hotel, MG RoadOffer: Special offers on cocktails for ladies.

Frosty Fridays at Ice

Ice, located in the prestigious Vivanta by Taj, offers a sleek and contemporary space with cutting-edge design. The venue is known for its cosmopolitan crowd and chill lounge music, making it an excellent spot for those looking to mingle in a trendy, upscale setting.

Ice, as part of free ladies night in Bangalore, offers a sleek and contemporary space.

Date: Every FridayTime: 8:00 PM onwardsLocation: Ice, Vivanta by Taj, MG RoadOffer: Complimentary cocktails for ladies until 9:30 PM.

Ladies Night at CloudNYN

CloudNYN, a futuristic spot for free ladies night in Bangalore, provides a high-energy, dance-centric environment. CloudNYN sets itself apart with a robotic and futuristic interior design that feels like stepping into another dimension. The club is equipped with state-of-the-art sound and lighting systems, offering a high-energy, dance-centric environment ideal for those who love to party till late.

Date: Every WednesdayTime: 8:00 PM onwardsLocation: CloudNYN, Sterling Mac Hotel, HAL Airport RoadOffer: Free entry and free drinks for ladies.

Ladies Night at The Paul Bangalore

The Paul offers a more intimate and refined setting in its signature restaurant, often featuring live jazz or soft rock bands. The ambiance is elegant and perfect for those who prefer a more relaxed, conversational evening with top-notch food and drinks.

Date: Every FridayTime: 7:00 PM onwardsLocation: The Paul Bangalore, DomlurOffer: Special offers on drinks and appetizers for ladies.

Queen’s Night at The Sugar Factory

The Sugar Factory is known for its dynamic LED lighting and vibrant pop art decor, creating an energetic and youthful vibe. It’s a hotspot for celebrity DJs and themed dance parties, making it a favorite for those who love a high-spirited night out.

The Sugar Factory is known for its dynamic ambiance, a popular choice for free ladies night in Bangalore.

Date: Every WednesdayTime: 8:00 PM onwardsLocation: The Sugar Factory, Le Meridien, Sankey RoadOffer: Free entry and selected complimentary drinks for ladies.

Gossip Sundays at Sanctum Club

Sanctum Club exudes sophistication with its dark, plush interiors and exclusive clientele. The club often hosts fashion shows and private events, offering a luxurious nightlife experience for those looking to indulge in the finer things.

Date: Every SundayTime: 6:00 PM onwardsLocation: Sanctum Club, Chancery Pavilion, Residency RoadOffer: Free entry and special drink prices for ladies.

Fashion Fridays at No Limmits

No Limmits is celebrated for its diverse music and vibrant theme nights. From retro to Bollywood nights, the venue offers a colorful and energetic atmosphere, suitable for those who enjoy a festive and eclectic night out.

Date: Every FridayTime: 8:00 PM onwardsLocation: No Limmits Lounge and Club, Allied Grand Plaza, Magrath RoadOffer: Free entry for ladies and complimentary drinks till 9:30 PM.

Sassy Saturdays at Hugh Ultra Lounge

Hugh Ultra Lounge boasts breathtaking city views from its high-rise location, offering a chic and stylish ambiance. The venue is perfect for those who appreciate a glamorous setting with gourmet cocktails and an upscale crowd.

Date: Every SaturdayTime: 7:00 PM onwardsLocation: Hugh Ultra Lounge, World Trade Center, Brigade Gateway CampusOffer: Complimentary wine and sangria for ladies.

Impact on Local Business and Economy

Ladies nights also significantly impact local businesses and the broader economy. By attracting a steady stream of patrons, these events help keep the hospitality industry vibrant, supporting jobs and local suppliers. Moreover, they contribute to the city's reputation as a progressive and fun place, which can be a factor in attracting new businesses or conferences. 

They also encourage other types of businesses, like ride-sharing services or local eateries, to tailor their services and promotions around these nights, creating a ripple effect in the economy.

Understanding these aspects of ladies night can enrich your experience and appreciation of these events. It’s not just about free drinks or a night out; it’s about a culture that celebrates fun, safety, and community. Whether you’re a local or just visiting, experiencing a ladies night in Bangalore is a great way to see the city in a new light and enjoy its vibrant nightlife scene.


Bangalore's nightlife is full of fun places and events, and one of the highlights is the free ladies night. Boho The Bar is a great spot for this, with locations in both Brookefield and Koramangala. Every Wednesday, women can enjoy a special evening there. 

At the Brookefield location, there’s live jazz music and a free drink with every snack. In Koramangala, ladies can get two glasses of wine for the price of one. These nights help bring people together and support local businesses. They make the city a happier and safer place. If you're looking for a relaxed evening out, Boho The Bar is worth checking out during its ladies night.

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