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Best Night Party Places in Bangalore MG Road with Dance Floor

MG road dance bar

If you come across any Bangalorean and ask them the most famous thing to do in Bangalore, they’d either ask you to try street food or attend a night party with a dance floor. Isn’t it? 

Bengaluru (aka Bangalore) is known for its vibrant nightlife and has a different vibe on the dance floors. Whether on MG Road, Indiranagara, or even Koramangala, Bangalore's dance floors are alive with various tunes, ranging from Bollywood to EDM, inviting everyone to move at their pace. In this article, explore the top favourite MG Road dance bars, where you can groove all night! 

The charm for night party enthusiasts in Bangalore

Bangalore's dance floors are alive with various tunes; they mix ethnicities and cultures in a cosmopolitan and welcoming way that creates a buzzing atmosphere. They are dynamic creative hotspots where nights come to life and memories are made, with captivating visuals and friendly hospitality.

Nightlife fans find it impossible to resist the draw of Bangalore's MG Road, Koramangala and Indiranagara. It provides various nightlife experiences, lined with hip pubs, energetic clubs, and comfortable lounges. From stylish rooftop bars with breathtaking city views to bustling pubs filled with music, MG Road always amazes partygoers looking for exciting night-time experiences.

The topmost opted dance floors in Bangalore are as follows-

  1. Boho, the Bar

  2. Ice- Bar & Teppayanki, Bangalore

  3. i-Bar, Bangalore

  4. Club 01

  5. Skydeck by Sherlocks

Boho, the Bar

MG road dance bar

Let’s begin with one of the most iconic, popular, and must-visit pubs in Bangalore: Boho!

Known for its fun-filled Bollywood nights every weekend, Boho is iconic for its lip-smacking Asian and North Indian food and best-selling cocktails! 

Boho promises you the best dance floor with Bollywood nights, Commercial tracks and Live music! 

Features: Rooftop restaurant and Bar, Dance floor, DJ nights, Live Music.

Location: Two branches near MG Road, Koramangala and the other in Brookefield. 

Timings and Cost: 12 pm-12 am, Cost starting from ₹1000 per person (redeemable for food and drinks inside) 

Menu Insights: Asian, seafood, North Indian, and classic signature cocktails.

Ice Bar, Bangalore

Located in the heart of MG Road, inside Vivanta by Taj, Ice Bar has one of the best dance floors in Bangalore. The place offers poolside seating with a great ambience. The place predominantly seeks reservations, so make sure to book your table before your visit.

Features: Poolside seating, Lavish ambience, Dance floor, DJ

Location: Vivanta by Taj, MG Road

Timings and Cost: 12 pm- 11.30 pm. The cost for two is approximately ₹2800

Menu Insights: Teppayankis, Signature cocktails

i-Bar, Bangalore

i-Bar, Bangalore, offers a groovy musical night for all those Dance floor lovers. Located in MG Road, i-Bar has a great dancing crowd. The place offers amazing bar services and a choice of drinks.

Features: Alfresco Poolside Sunday Brunch, Live BBQ, poolside access, dance floor

Location: MG Road, Yellappa Garden, Bangalore

Timings and Cost: 11 am- 1 am, Cost for two approximately- ₹2000

Menu Insights: Tandoori dishes, Pasta, Pizza, Desserts, Unlimited Mocktails, Buffet spread.

Skydeck by Sherlocks

An ideal setting for relaxing with coworkers following a demanding workday, spending time with friends, spending time with a significant other, or even holding business meetings while sipping cocktails. With over 6500 square feet of sky deck, you may enjoy plenty of parking, the greatest cuisine, ambience, music, and the ideal view of Bangalore city. 

Features: 6500 sq ft of sky deck, brunch options, buffet services, dance floor

Location: MG Road, Bangalore 

Timings and Cost: 11.30-1 am. The Cost for two is approximately is ₹2000

Menu Insights: South Indian breakfast to Sea Food, various alcohol options 

Tips for Selecting the Best Night Party Place

For an unforgettable encounter, prefer respectable locations with excellent feedback from visitors. When choosing a night party spot, you need to consider the following factors: 

  1. Prioritize location and accessibility.

  2. Consider music and ambience preferences.

  3. Assess costs and inclusions.

  4. Check guest reviews for reputable venues.

Location convenience and accessibility on MG Road

Choose locations near MG Road to guarantee convenient access and safe transportation. This way, you can enjoy the celebrations to the fullest without worrying about where to park your car.

You can consider- 

  • Metro- Purple line 

  • BMTC Buses- 362CA 

  • Auto rickshaws and cabs for easier connectivities

Evaluating the type of music and dance floor ambience

The music and ambience of the dance floor greatly influence the party's atmosphere. Decide on the general feel you're going for and the genres of music you prefer. 

MG Road's nightlife scene caters to a wide range of musical tastes, including the throbbing beats of EDM, the groovy rhythms of hip-hop, and the nostalgic tones of Bollywood and Desi music. 

Select a location that offers a dance floor atmosphere that complements your preferred party vibe and corresponds with your musical preferences. 

Then, what is the cost of an evening out and what it includes?

Take a variety of expenses into account when organizing a night out on Bangalore's MG Road. 

  • Dance floor stag prices normally vary from ₹500 to ₹2000, contingent on the location and day of the week. 

  • Cocktails and premium spirits are more expensive than other drinks, with prices ranging from ₹200 to ₹1000 or more per drink. 

  • Possible costs include meals (₹300 to ₹2000), transportation (₹100 to ₹800), and any other services (₹5000 and more), such as bottle service or VIP tables. 

Setting aside enough money is necessary to guarantee a fun and hassle-free night out.


In conclusion, Bangalore's MG Road has a thriving nightlife scene with various excellent nightclubs with dance floors. There are many alternatives, ranging from swanky rooftop bars to exciting clubs. 

Favourites include Boho and many more. MG Road invites exploration and offers wonderful dancing, music, and friendship nights. Explore MG Road's nightlife, whether you're a native or just visiting. You'll be able to find your favourite place to dance and make memories of the vibrant, energetic atmosphere of Bangalore. Put on your dancing shoes and experience the vibrant nightlife of MG Road.

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