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How Pub Entry Fee Impact Your Night Out Budget in Bangalore

Updated: Jun 19

pub entry fee

Planning a night out in Bangalore involves understanding a range of potential costs. Pub entry fee at nightlife spots can vary significantly, typically ranging from ₹500 to ₹3,500 or more, influenced by the venue's popularity and location. 

Drink prices also vary, usually costing between ₹300 and ₹2,000. On average, an evening out including drinks and entertainment could set you back anywhere from ₹2,000 to ₹7,000 per person. 

Setting a budget is essential to navigate Bangalore's diverse and vibrant nightlife without overspending, ensuring you choose venues that align with both your financial limits and entertainment expectations​.

Factors Affecting the Cost of Nightlife in Bangalore's Pubs and Nightclubs

Location and Venue Type: The cost at pubs and nightclubs varies widely depending on their location. Venues in upscale neighborhoods like MG Road or Indiranagar tend to have higher pub entry fees and drink prices due to premium real estate values.

Popularity and Exclusivity: The more exclusive the nightclub, typically the higher the pub entry fee and prices for drinks. Exclusive clubs that often feature high-profile DJs or have a reputation as celebrity hangouts can charge more for both entry and drinks, reflecting their elite status.

Live Entertainment and Events: Clubs that offer live entertainment such as famous bands or guest DJs usually have higher prices, especially on event nights. The cost of tickets and drinks can increase significantly depending on the performer's popularity.

Menu Offerings: The range of drinks and any specialty or gourmet offerings also play a role in the cost. Nightclubs with extensive cocktail menus or exclusive drink selections typically charge more, aiming to cater to a more upscale clientele.

With a clearer understanding of what drives the costs at Bangalore's nightclubs and pubs, let's look at how to manage these expenses effectively. Next, we'll provide tips on how to budget for a night out and find the best deals to enjoy the city's nightlife without overspending.

Average Costs Overview

Below is a breakdown of average costs for two, including the pub entry fee, at various popular nightclubs and pubs in Bangalore.

Pub Name


Average Cost for Two

What's Special




Famous for craft beers and a lively feel.

Boho the Bar



Known for great music and tasty drinks.

Arbor Brewing Company



Cozy place with lots of different beers.

The Humming Tree



Great for live music and arts events.




Retro music and affordable prices.

High Ultra Lounge



Amazing city views from high up and fancy drinks.




Luxurious rooftop with themed parties.

These details show what you can expect to spend and what each pub offers, making it easy to pick one that fits what you're looking for.

Next, let's look at how to enjoy these places without spending too much money.

Cost-Aware Night Out Planning

1. Set a Clear Budget

Start by determining the total amount you're comfortable spending for the night. This should include all anticipated costs: entry fees, drinks, meals, and transportation. Consider also setting aside a small "just in case" fund for unexpected expenses like a last-minute ride home or an unplanned snack. This approach keeps your spending in check and prevents any unpleasant surprises when checking your wallet the next day.

2. Choose Budget-Friendly Nights

Start by determining the total amount you're comfortable spending, accounting for all anticipated costs like pub entry fees, drinks, meals, and transportation.

Research local pubs and clubs to find out which nights they offer promotions that can lead to savings. For example, many venues in Bangalore have "Ladies' Night" where women may receive free entry or discounted drinks. 

Other common promotions include "Two-for-One" deals on certain weekdays or early evening happy hours that feature reduced prices on drinks and appetizers. By choosing to go out on these nights, you can significantly reduce the cost of your outing.

3. Group Outings

Organize outings as a group to split costs more effectively. This could mean sharing large platters of food or ordering pitchers of beer or cocktails, which are often more economical than individual servings. Additionally, sharing a cab or an auto-rickshaw with friends can cut down on travel expenses, making the overall cost per person much more manageable.

4. Stay Updated with Promotions

Most nightlife venues are active on social media platforms where they post about upcoming deals, theme nights, and exclusive offers. By following these pages or signing up for newsletters, you can access promotions that are not always available to the general public. This way, you can plan your visits around these deals, ensuring you always get the best value.

5. Explore Lesser-Known Spots

Bangalore is full of hidden gems that offer great experiences at a lower cost than more well-known establishments. These places are often eager to attract new patrons and might offer better deals, especially on quieter nights of the week. Exploring these lesser-known spots not only saves money but can also lead to discovering new favorite places.

6. Early Bird Specials

Arriving early can pay off, as some clubs offer discounts to guests who enter before a certain time. This can include lower cover charges or drink specials available only to early guests. This strategy is perfect for those who don’t mind starting their night out a bit earlier in exchange for substantial savings.

7. Location Matters

Choosing a venue that's either close to home or centrally located where most of the group resides can save on transport costs. In a city like Bangalore, where distances can be vast and traffic heavy, picking a nearby spot can mean cheaper and quicker trips back home.

8. Use Public Transport

Leveraging Bangalore's public transport system, such as buses and the metro, can be a cost-effective alternative to cabs, especially on a planned night out. The metro, in particular, is efficient and covers major parts of the city, running extended services on weekends, which aligns well with nightlife schedules.

Implementing these strategies ensures that you enjoy Bangalore’s dynamic nightlife without overspending, allowing for frequent outings without financial strain.

Venue Highlights and Their Costs

Here’s a detailed look at some of the most popular pubs and nightclubs in Bangalore, including their addresses, what customers love about them, menu starting prices, and special tips:

  1. Boho the Bar

pub entry fee

  • Address: Koramangala, Brookfield

  • Description: Boho the Bar offers a trendy yet relaxed vibe with its eclectic music selections and vibrant cocktail menu. It's a great spot to unwind with friends while enjoying unique drinks. The bar often hosts live DJ performances on weekends, adding to its energetic atmosphere.

  • Menu Starting Price: ₹200

  • Customer Favorites: The bar’s signature cocktails and varied music playlists are highly appreciated.

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