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Upcoming Bollywood Night Dance Events in Town

Updated: Jun 19

Bollywood night in Bangalore

From Kala Chashma to Chaiyya Chaiyya, groove to the beats and say Abhi Toh Party Shuru Hui Hai!! 

The vibrant energy of Bollywood night dance events in Bangalore brings the city's passion to life to the beats of Indian music. Amid flashing lights and exuberant crowds, dancers sway to catchy rhythms while dressed in vibrant costumes, creating an enchanted ambience that honors the spirit of Bollywood's charm.

Bangalore, known for its Bollywood and Desi dance floors, offers a new nightlife experience! In this article, we will learn about the trending and upcoming Bollywood Night events in Bangalore.

Weekly Bollywood Dance Nights

The pulse of Bollywood is at the lively dance events in Bangalore each week. Get down to the newest songs, surrounded by euphoric crowds and throbbing beats, as the city's soul celebrates Desi music and dance.

Boho is one such place that offers Thursday Bollywood Night, with a superhit Bollywood jam exclusive to Bollywood lovers! Get your mid-week blues away for a night filled with fun and vibe! 

Venue- Boho, Koramangala, and Whitefield

With captivating deals and upbeat Bollywood music, start your weekend early. Dive into the craziness of midweek while dancing to Diljit Dosanjh's newest songs in a lively, celebratory environment. 

Every Thursday at Boho, there is a Bolly night, with several offers and lots of fun! Venue- Boho, Koramangala, and Whitefield. Head to Boho right now!

Elevate your Thursday nights with upscale Bollywood extravagance featuring premium DJ performances. Immerse yourself in a luxurious ambiance as you groove to the finest beats and rhythms. 

Toca, Koramangala offers High-end Thursday with classy Bollywood pieces and exclusive free offers for the ladies again!

EDM and Bollywood music blend will satisfy your appetite for drinks and music. Make Thursdays unforgettable by taking advantage of cool drink specials and dancing the night away to pulsing sounds.

Just Blr offers Thirsty Thursdays, with groovy Bollywood music and a DJ night. They also provide free shooters and drinks for the ladies until 10 p.m. 

Every Friday, take a musical voyage where global beats and Bollywood collide. Discover how international rhythms and B-town songs combine to create a global celebration of music and culture.

CloudNyn’s Friday Borderless Nights offers Bollywood night for all those Bolly lovers out there. Special offers for ladies and many more coupon offers are provided by them.

Dive into the Bollywood extravaganzas during the week, where prominent DJs will light up the stage. Wednesdays are ablaze with vibrant acts that guarantee a night of dancing and celebration you won't soon forget.

Boho offers a splendid and happening Ladies' night event in town with top DJs from Bangalore. They offer several offers and free drinks while you redeem your coupons! 

Desi Sundays are back with a bang, bringing the house down with throbbing Bollywood music to say goodbye to the weekend. End your week on a high note with the essence of desi music and a contagious vibe surrounding you.

NoLimits offers Desi Sundays to wrap up your weekend with some dancing! 

Featured Venues for Bollywood Nights

Boho: Discover the lively vibe of Thursday night Bollywood events at Boho The Bar, situated in Bangalore's Whitefield and Koramangala neighborhoods. Boho promises an amazing evening of Bollywood dance, culture, and excitement that will leave you fascinated and wanting more with its cosmopolitan atmosphere, throbbing beats, and Signature Cocktails! 

Cloudnyn: Visit Cloudnyn's modern dance floor to experience the combination of desi tunes and contemporary moods. Immerse yourself in the beat of current Bollywood songs and international music, generating a thrilling ambiance for dancers.

Loveshack: Immerse yourself in the pulse of Bollywood culture at Loveshack, where Punjabi and Bollywood music is celebrated nightly. Take in a vibrant atmosphere ideal for dancing and making lifelong memories.

I-Bar: Take your Bollywood experience to the next level with two exhilarating nights of renowned DJs setting the stage on fire. Savor the greatest Bollywood music and lose yourself in a remarkable party environment at the poolside.

Bling:  Renowned for its exuberant atmosphere and throbbing beats, Bling is the place to be for epic Bollywood evenings. Experience the genuine spirit of Bollywood splendor and excitement as you dance the night away to the greatest hits.

No Limmits: Enter the large dance floor at No Limmits, where lively Bollywood and Desi nights are brought to life. Enjoy a blend of contemporary Bollywood music and beloved Indian songs, guaranteeing continuous amusement for all.

Tilt Gastro Lounge: On Bollywood nights, get your friends together and visit Tilt Gastro Lounge to take advantage of exclusive deals. This lounge specializes in group fun, amazing bargains, and dancing to the greatest Bollywood songs.

Opus Club: Opus Club is the best place in Sarjapur for Bollywood and ladies' nights out. Enjoy a lively atmosphere ideal for a night out with friends as you lose yourself in the throbbing beats of Bollywood music.

Hungry for more? Let's amp it up with special nights and unbeatable offers that promise to spice up your Bollywood night escapades! 

Exclusive Nights and Offers

Ladies Night Offers: Treat yourself to endless cocktails and free shooters on special nights devoted to ladies, creating a lively and welcoming atmosphere for a wonderful night out. Boho is one such place you can find for the best Bollywood ladies’ night in Bangalore!

Bollywood night in Bangalore

Happy Hour Deals: Enhance your Bollywood evenings with these alluring happy hour specials, guaranteeing a pleasurable time with excellent music and cool beverages.

Special Theme Nights: Indulge in one-of-a-kind party experiences with themed Bollywood nights, where every little element adds up to a fun-filled, action-packed evening.

Weekend Specials: Boost your weekend party mood with exceptional events and DJs to ensure an exciting environment and great memories on your nights out.

Unique Bollywood Night Experiences

Live Dhol Performances: Feel the intensity surge as your Bollywood dance night is enhanced by the thrilling beats of live Dhol, making it an immersive and unforgettable experience.

Special DJ Nights: Turn up the volume on your evening with renowned DJs like DJ Hussain, DJ TT, and more for the spinning-only available Bollywood remixes, laying the groundwork for an unmatched musical extravaganza.

Bollywood poolside parties: These are a refreshing and unique way to spend a party beneath the stars while taking in the allure of outdoor locations and dancing to Bollywood music.

All-Night Dancing Floors: Get swept up in the music on large dance floors filled with Bollywood favorites, where the fun and excitement never stop, and the night never ends.

Planning Your Bollywood Night Out

Take a trip into the center of the thriving Bollywood nightlife, where each evening is filled with excitement, energy, and rhythm. Dive into a world where dance becomes an expression of joy and celebration, and music crosses boundaries, from the busy streets of Bangalore to the stylish lounges and exciting clubs. 

Selecting the Ideal Location: When choosing the ideal location for your Bollywood night, consider ambiance, song choices, and the crowd's energy. Make sure it fits your preferences for an amazing evening, whether you like a lively club or a more private lounge.

Taking Advantage of Offers: Maximize your Bollywood evening by utilizing happy hour and ladies' night discounts. Arrange your visit so that you may take advantage of deals on drinks and freebies, making your night out more enjoyable without going over budget.

Event Schedule: To make the most of your trip planning, keep abreast of the weekly and unique Bollywood night events in your neighborhood. Check the event calendar, subscribe to newsletters, or follow venues on social media to ensure you don't miss out on great parties or themed nights.


Discover the thrilling essence of Bangalore's Bollywood nightlife as the city comes to life with pulsating beats and bright energy. Weekday evenings are a festival of Desi music and dancing, with everything from hopping clubs to elegant salons. Themed events, exclusive deals, and world-class DJs make Bangalore's Bollywood nights guaranteed to be an amazing experience for everyone.

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