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New Pubs and Breweries in Bangalore for Weekend Drinking

Updated: Jun 19

new pubs in Bangalore

Who doesn’t love a cold beer and great company? The new pubs in Bengaluru are buzzing with the latest and most popular drinks selection. Whether you like hoppy IPAs or smooth lagers, there’s the perfect beer for everyone.

These places aren’t just bars; They are places to laugh and share stories, like a flowing faucet. Every pub has its own style, from quiet, softly lit corners to warm spaces with live music. So why not bring your friends and head to this new bar in Bangalore for a relaxing and fun weekend?

Bangalore's New Pubs and Breweries

Bangalore is quickly becoming a favourite spot for pub-goers and brewery enthusiasts. As new pubs in Bengaluru open, they offer a cozy mix of drinks and ambience. Whether you're a local or just visiting, these new establishments offer a fresh taste of the city’s growing beer culture.

These new pubs in Bangalore are the perfect weekend spots to unwind. They serve various beers and other drinks, making it ideal for meeting friends or having a relaxing evening. Each location has its own unique aesthetic, offering everything from quiet spots for a drink to energetic spots to watch sports or catch live music.

What makes these new establishments stand out is how well they understand what you like. They offer everything from hoppy IPAs to silky-smooth stouts, each crafted to perfection. It's not just about drinking; it's about enjoying a space where the beer is great and the company is even better.

So, grab your friends this weekend and head to one of Bangalore's newest pubs. Enjoy the welcoming atmosphere, great beer, and the chance to make wonderful new memories.

new pubs in Bangalore

Experience the unique charm of Boho The Bar now at Whitefield. This pub's creative, relaxed vibe perfectly matches the area's tech parks and dynamic nightlife. The pub is a haven for those who appreciate an artistic setting without compromising comfort.

Relax in an atmosphere filled with artistic touches and comfortable chairs at Boho Whitefield, one of the new pubs in Bangalore. The décor, which includes a selection of artwork and soothing colours, creates the perfect mood for relaxation or lively conversation. Here, you'll find a variety of affordable craft cocktails and delicious meals that suit any mood, making it the perfect place to unwind after work or casual evening get-togethers with friends

Enjoy your time without worrying about the cost; Boho ensures you get great value. The prices are about INR 1600 for two, so you and a friend can have a good time without spending too much. Drop by Boho for your next outing and enjoy a cozy night in a creative setting.

The Black Pearl, a unique pirate-themed pub on the Outer Ring Road in Kadubeesanahalli, Marathahalli, stands out among the new pubs in Bangalore. This pub transports you into a swashbuckling world of adventure. Here, you can enjoy various drinks, and the average person spends varies from INR 800 to INR 1000.

The Black Pearl offers affordable options that ensure a fun night won't set you back too much. It's the perfect place for an exciting evening out with friends or planning a fun date night. So, visit The Black Pearl next time you're in Marathahalli or Koramangala. You will surely experience fun, flair, and affordability in a unique setting.

Try Tipsy Bull - The Bar Exchange in JP Nagar if you want something different. This bar uses a cool stock market concept to price its drinks. It’s like trading stocks, but what you’re buying is your favourite drink!

Tipsy Bull, located in JP City, a vibrant area known for its nightlife, offers a unique charm and a fun and interactive experience as one of the new pubs in Bangalore. Two costs around INR 1200 here; drink prices fluctuate based on demand, though, so you can get great deals like on a real stock exchange. Whether you’re looking for a fun evening out or a cool place to hang out with friends, Tipsy Bull offers a fun twist for the night.

Head to Casa Piccosa in JP Nagar, one of the new pubs in Bangalore, to try hot Tex Mex dishes paired with spiked spices. It is the perfect place for those who want to enjoy delicious food and interesting drinks in a relaxed atmosphere.

You'll find something to satisfy your cravings for hot fajitas or zesty margaritas. Casa Piccosa also makes it easier on the wallet. For an affordable price, you can enjoy food and drinks for around INR 1800 for two persons. It’s a fantastic choice for a fun evening without stretching your budget too thin.

Head to Koramangala Social, one of the new pubs in Bangalore, for a refreshing break in a green-inspired decor that feels like stepping into a hot nursery. This unique design makes it a prominent location in the busy Koramangala Industrial Area.

Social is designed with a warm, plant-filled design that breathes fresh air into city life. It’s a great place to relax, providing a peaceful backdrop for conversation and relaxation. It’s worth considering the price of the food served at Koramangala Social, which caters especially to youngsters looking for high-quality, low-cost options. Expect to spend around INR 1300 for two, which includes snacks and other mixed drinks.

Enjoy something truly unique at the Hangover Cocktail Bar and Diner. Its rooftop Volkswagen bus bar adds a whimsical twist to local drinking. This stunning idea is a perfect conversation starter and a stunning backdrop for your night out.

Located in the hotspot of Indira Nagar, known for its vibrant nightlife, Hangover is one of the new pubs in Bangalore and the perfect place if you are looking for a fun and exciting place to hit the night. The unique bus bar layout adds a fun twist to the night you usually do it around catching up with friends or enjoying a date It's a good choice. What's more, it won't cost you much here. With prices around INR 1500 for two people, you can spend the night without worrying too much about your budget. 

Peepai Kitchen & Brewery is where traditional flavours meet modern culinary innovation. This unique establishment features an in-house brewery, so you can enjoy fresh craft beer on the premises. 

Located in Hebbal, Peepai Kitchen & Brewery is one of the new pubs in Bangalore. It offers a variety of dishes mixed together to create flavours that suit every taste. You will find something to enjoy here, whether you like desserts or snacks. The average cost for two is INR 2500. And if you have an on-site brewery, you can pair your meal with the perfect beer, freshly brewed to complement your meal. 

ButterFly—Brew Bite & Fly embraces natural decor, creating a fun and vibrant dining experience. It is located in JP Nagar and is popular with those looking for an energetic and elegant atmosphere. The place pulses with energy, making it a great place to hit the night.

Here at ButterFly, one of the new pubs in Bangalore, you can dip into an extensive menu featuring house-brewed craft beers alongside delicious and trendy contemporary dishes. ButterFly caters to a young and fashionable crowd and ensures that every food and drink is Instagram-worthy like that is flavorful. Priced clearly and conveniently at INR 1500 for two, ButterFly is designed to give you a wonderful evening of fun without spending too much money.

7 Rivers Brewing Company in MG Road is a haven for craft beer enthusiasts, celebrating India’s rich brewing heritage with a modern twist. At 7 Rivers, you can browse a variety of craft beers brewed on the premises, each recipe perfected to deliver unique flavours that reflect India's brewing traditions.

Together with the rustic-contemporary elements of the brewery's arrangement, Peepai Kitchen & Brewery, one of the new pubs in Bangalore, creates a welcoming atmosphere that inspires you to relax and enjoy your time. Whether you’re a beer lover or want to try something new, 7 Rivers Brewing Company offers a relaxed atmosphere with a friendly staff. The price is above INR 3000 for two persons.

The Indian Biere House blends traditional Indian aesthetics with a contemporary brewing feel, creating a unique atmosphere that matches a contemporary feel with India’s cultural richness. Located in JP Nagar, it attracts a mix of locals and visitors eager to experience its unique vibe

The menu at Indian Biere House, one of the new pubs in Bangalore, celebrates Indian fusion cuisine, offering an incredible blend of flavours that combine classic Indian dishes with global influences. The offerings are priced at an average of INR 2500 for two.


Nightlife is changing in Bengaluru, thanks to new bars and pubs changing how you enjoy your weekend. These new pubs in Bangalore offer a unique drinking experience and enhance your weekend with their creative themes and menus. They've become the go-to places for those looking to unwind in style, thanks to smart pricing strategies that make high-quality experiences accessible to all.

Among these fascinating places, don’t miss a visit to Boho. Boho stands out for its vibrant dance floor and extensive drinks selection, making it the perfect place to dance the night away. The atmosphere is designed to be as inviting as it is pleasant, ensuring that every visit is memorable.

So why wait? Head over to Boho in Koramangala or Whitefield this weekend to see what all the buzz is about. Whether you're looking to chill with friends or hit the dance floor, Boho offers the ultimate destination for your night out in Bangalore. 

Come experience the best of the city’s nightlife at Boho, where fun meets flair every night.

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