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Trending Themed Restaurants in Bangalore

Updated: Jun 19

themed restaurants in Bangalore

Have you ever wanted to dine under the stars or in a setting straight out of a movie? Theme restaurants in Bangalore make it authentic, turning a simple dinner into a sophisticated experience. 

These theme restaurants in Bangalore are not just places to eat; They are escapes designed to take you away from the daily grind and throw you into a new world. Who doesn’t love a little change, right?

Discover Best Theme Restaurants in Bangalore

themed restaurants in Bangalore

Bangalore, often celebrated for its innovative spirit and cosmopolitan vibe, takes dining to the next level with its array of theme restaurants in Bangalore. Whether dining in a space resembling the quaint streets of Europe or enjoying cocktails in a superhero-themed pub, each location brings a unique story to life, ensuring that your meal is anything but ordinary.

You get to enjoy cuisine made from fresh environmental ingredients that make every bite more enjoyable. The creativity is endless, from dining in a stunningly artificial forest to enjoying cocktails in a 1920s speakeasy. These programs are perfect for making your dinner or meeting unforgettable.

Check out the happening places that capture the hearts of locals and visitors alike. Whether you are a foodie or just looking for a fun evening out, these theme restaurants in Bangalore promise to capture your imagination and delight you in every way possible. Why not give it a try and see where the night takes you?

1. Boho The Bar

themed restaurants in Bangalore

Boho is among the best theme restaurants in Bangalore, celebrating the Bohemian way of life. Every corner is a canvas that celebrates creativity, and the artsy atmosphere makes you feel welcome as soon as you enter. The cozy setting is decorated with colourful wall hangings and wooden furniture, complemented by plenty of greenery around you.

At Boho, the menu is an irresistible fusion of global cuisines, from fresh, inventive salads to robust, flavorful mains; each dish promises nourishment and a treat for your taste buds. If you're looking for a meal that's both healthy and packed with flavour, Boho is the place to go.

Boho isn't just a place to eat; it's a popular spot for locals to meet and relax. Whether hanging out with friends or just taking a break from your day, Boho has a friendly and laid-back atmosphere. Come and make your following meal special at Boho, where dining is not just about food; it’s an enjoyable experience every time.

2. The Black Pearl

In The Black Pearl, you step into a world that looks like it’s straight out of Pirates of the Caribbean. The place buzzes with pirate themes, and staff dressed as pirates add to the fun. Decorative skeletons make the experience more authentic.

Here, you can find various barbecue dishes and buffet dishes. The menu appeals to everyone and offers something for everyone. You should try the juicy kebab—it’s outstanding and popular with all patrons.

So, gather your friends and head to The Black Pearl for dinner, where you eat like a pirate. It’s not just about the food; It’s about enjoying a vivid and topical experience. You will leave satisfied and entertained, having already planned your next adventure.

3. Cable Car

At Cable Car, you experience the charm of San Francisco’s iconic cable cars in Bengaluru. This unique restaurant brings a piece of San Francisco to your doorstep with its themed decor. As you dine, you’ll see famous landmarks from the city, adding to the authentic vibe.

The Cable Car menu is vegetarian-friendly and offers a variety of Indian and continental dishes. You have many choices, whether you prefer a light snack or a hearty meal. Every dish is crafted to satisfy your taste buds with fresh, quality ingredients.

The decor inside Cable Car features well-known sights from San Francisco, creating a distinctive and inviting atmosphere. You dine amidst replicas of the Golden Gate Bridge and other famous spots. This setting and the cozy dining setup make it a favourite hangout among theme restaurants in Bangalore.

4. Ruh

You are transported to a fascinating world of Middle Eastern charm and Arabian Nights at Ruh. The restaurant perfectly captures the spirit of these themes, making your dining experience feel like a story from a faraway land. Every detail, from the music to the layout, adds to this magical atmosphere.

Ruh is famous for its Mediterranean and Mughlai cuisine. Here, you can taste savoury and aromatic dishes that combine tradition with cuisine. The authentic flavours will transport your imagination to a far shore whether you opt for kebabs or tagines.

The decor of the Ruh is far from fancy, with twinkling chandeliers, flickering candles and ornate mirrors. Ruh offers a selection of unique hookah flavours, adding fresh authenticity to your visit. You can relax and enjoy a variety of smooth and flavorful smokes to choose from, which accompany your meal and enhance the overall experience.

5. ShakesBierre

At ShakesBierre, you enter a world inspired by the brilliant William Shakespeare. This unique venue blends drama with gastronomic delight, offering a cozy escape from the city. Every area of ​​the restaurant displays Shakespeare's timeless work, making your meal feel like a theatrical event.

ShakesBierre’s medieval feel is matched by its diverse menu, which offers various dishes, making it a standout among theme restaurants in Bangalore. Whether you’re in the mood for a big meal or something light, there’s something for everyone, including vegan options. Designed to welcome all types of diners, this place enhances the variety and appeal of theme restaurants in Bangalore.

What makes ShakesBierre unique is its microbrewery, where they brew beers that are as unique as Shakespeare’s writing. They also host Harry Potter, Studio Ghibli, and Star Wars-themed parties, ensuring each visit offers something new.

6. ISIRI Restro Bar

At ISIRI Restro Bar, you enter an environment designed like a train station. This creative theme captures the excitement and buzz of a busy stand, making every meal a treat. Complete with railway murals and decorations, it transports you to a bygone era as you dine.

The menu at ISIRI Restro Bar is varied, focusing on their signature ISIRI special biryanis. These biryanis are a must-try, full of flavour and cooked to perfection, giving you a taste of local cooking. Besides biryanis, one can find various other dishes catering to different tastes.

ISIRI offers a memorable dining experience in its retro bar atmosphere. Here, you can relax with friends or family, enjoying good food and drinks in an exclusive atmosphere.

7. Oia

In Oia, you will feel like you have arrived on the beautiful Greek island of Santorini. This bar is the largest in Asia with a Greek theme and is decorated in the striking white and blue colours for which Santorini is famous. It is a beautiful place and feels like a holiday destination.

Known for its microbrewery of exceptional beer, Oia stands out among theme restaurants in Bangalore. Its menu features unique dishes that blend traditional Greek flavours with new ideas. Anyone interested in trying different foods and drinks in a classy atmosphere will find Oia a promising choice.

From the rooms to the décor, the whole place feels like Santorini, making your visit more than just a meal—it’s like a quick trip to Greece! If you love beautiful scenery and good food, Oia is worth a visit.

8. Gufha

The Gufha takes you to a cave-like environment in the heart of Bangalore. The interior resembles a dark ancient cave with cliff-like walls and soft lighting. This creative atmosphere makes each meal seem especially exciting.

The menu at Gufha focuses on Afghan cuisine along the northwestern border, offering a variety of sweet and savoury dishes. Kebabs, curries and biryanis can all be enjoyed with traditional spices. Authentic flavours give the cave bar a rustic feel.

Gufha is an excellent place for quiet meals and family celebrations. Its unique décor and warm atmosphere make it memorable for any occasion, creating a relaxed and inviting dining experience.

Exploring Themed Dining at Theme Restaurants in Bangalore

Themed dining is becoming increasingly popular in Bangalore, offering a range of unique experiences beyond street dining. These theme restaurants in Bangalore take you to different worlds, from mysterious caves and futuristic robots to historical structures like medieval castles or pirate ships. Each place has its charm and attracts foodies and those looking for an exciting and different dining experience.

If you plan to visit theme restaurants in Bangalore, it is wise to make a reservation, especially on weekends or holidays when it is relatively quiet. Checking the restaurant’s social media pages or website for special events or theme nights can also enhance your visit. An early evening or weekday dinner can be more relaxing, allowing you to enjoy the atmosphere without rushing.

Immerse yourself in your surroundings to make the most of your themed dining experience. Many themed restaurants in Bangalore are designed to be interactive, with clothes, accessories, or food. Pose, have your picture taken, and dress appropriately for the theme if applicable. This makes your meal more enjoyable and creates lasting memories of a memorable visit.


As you explore the exciting world of theme restaurants in Bangalore, include Boho in your itinerary. Ideally located in the heart of vibrant Koramangala and with a stunning rooftop bar in Whitefield, Boho stands out among the theme restaurants in Bangalore with its unique ambience and creative menu. Every meal here is paired with breathtaking views, turning every visit into a new adventure. Whether reconnecting with friends or looking for a special place to spend the night, Boho is ideal for creating unique memories.

Next time you decide where to eat out, choose one more generous than usual. Reserve a table at Boho in Koramangala, where you can dance the night away or relax at Whitefield’s rooftop bar. 

Come see why Boho is a staple in the most theme restaurants in Bangalore.

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