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What is the Best Disco Pub Near Me with a Dance Floor?

Updated: Jun 19

disco pub near me

Energetic crowd, flashing lights, top DJs spinning your favourite tracks—doesn’t that sound like the perfect party night? If you are wondering where to find a good disco bar near me in Bangalore, we have your back. Our list features the most unique nightclubs in the city, just for you to dance the night away.

Get ready to experience Bangalore’s nightlife like never before. Gather your friends and head to one of these top disco bars for a night you’ll always remember.

Find the Best Disco Pub Near Me in Bangalore with Dance Floors

Bangalore's nightlife is vibrant and full of energy. From cultural events and late-night restaurants to night markets and rooftop bars, the city offers activities for everyone. You can find live music, theatre, and street food all night. If you’re searching for a disco pub near me, Bangalore’s diverse nightlife has provided plenty of exciting options.

For those who love to dance the night away, Bangalore has some of the best nightclubs and bars with vibrant dance floors. Nightclubs with dance floors are prominent in Bangalore's cultural and social landscape. These dances are not just dances; they are social spaces where people come to relax and enjoy themselves. You meet new people, make friends, and share fun while creating lasting memories.

Clubs are places where everyone can come together, forget their worries, and enjoy the rhythms of the night. So, you are lucky if you are looking for a good disco pub near me in Bangalore.

Boho The Bar

disco pub near me

Located in Koramangala, Boho is known for its energy and artistic atmosphere, making it a favourite destination for partygoers. This luxurious venue offers a vibrant nightlife experience with live DJ music, themed events, and culinary deals. 

Its cozy atmosphere is ideal for casual accommodation and special celebrations, guaranteeing a memorable night out. The diverse décor and vibrant crowd make Boho City a standout nightlife destination, making it the perfect choice if you are looking for a disco pub near me in Bangalore.

  • Music Genres: Eclectic mix with Bollywood, EDM, and international beats.

  • Special Nights: Bollywood Nights, Ladies Night, and DJ Nights.

  • Ambience: Trendy Bohemian interiors with vibrant decor.

  • Food and Drink: The restaurant offers a diverse menu, including North Indian, Continental, and Asian cuisines, as well as an extensive drinks menu.


Skyye, an upscale restaurant with a breathtaking rooftop view, is a hotbed of nightlife in Bangalore. It is located in front of UB and offers a luxurious and elegant experience with an advanced sound system and a large dance floor. Ideal for casual outings and special occasions, Skyye offers an unforgettable night with its chic atmosphere and stunning city skyline If you are looking for a discount near me in Bangalore, then Skyye is a great choice.

  • Music Genres: A blend of international popular songs and dance music.

  • Special Nights: Themed parties, special DJ nights, and live performances.

  • Ambience: Beautiful view of the city from the terrace, beautifully decorated.

  • Food and Drink: A wide variety of cocktails and mocktails are served alongside Asian cuisine.

Church Street Social

Church Street Social is a trendy spot with a vibrant dance floor, making it a popular destination for nightlife in Bangalore. Known for its unique atmosphere and energy, it’s a great place to relax and party with friends. The musical selections and themed activities add to the fun, making for an unforgettable night. Church Street Social is the top choice for those looking for a disco pub near me.

  • Music Genres: A mixture of Bollywood, EDM and international music.

  • Special Nights: Karaoke nights, live band performances, and DJ nights.

  • Ambience: Fashionable and energetic with unique décor.

  • Food and Drink: Offers a diverse menu including continental, Asian and American cuisine, as well as a variety of cocktails and craft beers

Fenny's Lounge & Kitchen

In Koramangala, Fenny’s Lounge & Kitchen is a popular nightlife spot known for its outdoor bar and heated rooftop seating. The venue provides a cozy atmosphere perfect for casual accommodation and special celebrations. Popular with locals and visitors alike, it offers a memorable night of live music and delicious food.

  • Music Genres: Bollywood, EDM, and international beats.

  • Special Nights: Bollywood Nights, Ladies Night, DJ Nights.

  • Ambience: Lush greenery and tastefully decorated apartment building.

  • Food and Drink: Continental, Mediterranean, and Italian cuisine.

Windmills Craftworks

Located in Whitefield, Bangalore, Windmills Craftworks is a unique venue that combines music, art, and craft beer under one roof. Known for its charm and rustic decor, it is a popular destination for those seeking an immersive cultural experience. With live music, a live art gallery, and a variety of food, this place is a must. If you're looking for a disco pub near me, Windmills Craftworks offers a distinctive atmosphere that sets it apart from typical nightlife spots.

  • Music Genres: Mainly jazz, with blues, rock, and fusion performances.

  • Special Nights: Regular live music performances by renowned artists.

  • Ambience: Comfortable interior, comfortable chairs, low lighting, beautiful artwork.

  • Food and Drink: American Indian food paired with unique craft beer brewed on-site.

Pebble - The Jungle Lounge

Pebble, located in Sadashiv Nagar, Bangalore, is a popular nightclub known for its unique jungle-themed atmosphere and live music. This place is popular with locals and tourists, with its natural décor and vibrant atmosphere creating a unique, generous nightlife experience. If you're looking for a disco pub near me, Pebble stands out with its distinctive theme and energetic vibe, making it a must-visit spot in Bangalore.

  • Music Genres: Mainly electronic music, EDM, and techno.

  • Special nights: Ladies' nights, DJ nights, pre-holi parties, and other special celebrations.

  • Ambience: Jungle-themed décor with stone pillars, bamboo ceilings, and simple lighting.

  • Food and Drink: The restaurant offers a diverse menu, including continental dishes, North Indian and Chinese, and Cocktails and Beverages.

XU - Fashion Bar Restaurant

Located at The Leela Palace on Old Airport Road in Bangalore, XU is a luxury nightclub with a vibrant blend of world-class dining and nightlife Known for its glamour and glamorous crowd, XU is a place for locals and tourists are interested. The venue boasts luxurious amenities and an active atmosphere, ideal for a night out with friends or a special celebration.

  • Music Genre: Mainly with international music, house, and electronic music.

  • Special Nights: Host special events like ladies' and themed DJ nights.

  • Ambience: Plush interior beautifully decorated for a sophisticated and luxurious atmosphere.

  • Food and Drinks: Various continental, Italian, and American dishes.

The Boozy Griffin

Located in Marathahalli and Koramangala, Bangalore, Boozy Griffin is known for its old-school English pub charm and vibrant atmosphere. This popular nightlife venue combines the British theme of the room with live music and delicious food, making it a favourite for parties and casual accommodations. Boozy Griffin offers a unique and lively experience that stands out in Bangalore's nightlife scene if you're searching for a disco pub near me.

  • Music Genres: A mixture of popular foot-tapping tunes, including international hits and local favourites.

  • Special Nights: Hosts ladies' and DJ nights on weekends and themed nights.

  • Ambience: Old-school English pub décor with comfortable seating, warm lighting, and a large dance floor.

  • Food and Drink: A diverse menu including continental, North Indian, Asian and fast food.

Bobs Bar

Located in Indira Nagar and Koramangala, Bob’s Bar offers a fun blend of old-school and contemporary comfort. Known for its budget-friendly regional cuisine and menu, Bob’s Bar has quickly become a favourite among locals and tourists. The venue has indoor and outdoor seating, perfect for casual spaces and socializing.

  • Music Genre: A mix of local and international popular songs.

  • Special Nights: Regular theme nights and live music.

  • Ambience: Old-school atmosphere with stylish decor, comfortable seating, and a warm atmosphere.

  • Food and Drink: This restaurant specializes in regional South Indian dishes and finger foods and offers a wide selection of craft beer and cocktails.

Vapor Pub & Brewery

Located in Bangalore's Indiranagar, Vapor Pub & Brewery is well known for its vibrant rooftop atmosphere and small indoor bars. This place is popular with locals and visitors for its lively atmosphere and variety of items. 

  • Music Genres: Features a mix of Bollywood, EDM, and live DJs.

  • Special Nights: Host themed events like ladies', Bollywood, and weekend DJ nights.

  • Ambience: Comfortable rooftop seating creates a relaxed yet enjoyable atmosphere.

  • Food and Drink: North Indian and Continental Chinese dishes are served, along with craft beers.

Pro-Tips for a Memorable Night Out

If you plan ahead, a night out in Bangalore can be unforgettable. Here are some helpful tips to make your night out fun, hassle-free, and memorable. 

Check Event Schedules and DJ Line-ups

Before you go, take some time to check the event schedule and DJ lists at the venues you're interested in. Knowing who's playing and what events are happening can help you choose the right venue for your favourite music and thoughts at night. This way, you won’t miss out on any special shows or themed nights. If you're searching for a disco pub near me, checking these details in advance will ensure you have a fantastic night out in Bangalore.

Make Reservations or Be on the Guest List

Plan ahead and join the guest list to avoid long waits and ensure a smooth check-in. Popular places fill up fast, especially on weekends. Being on the guest list guarantees entry and can sometimes add perks like discounts on cover bills or free drinks.

Consider Dress Codes and Entry Policies

Different clubs have different dress codes and entry policies. Some locations may require smart and casual attire, while others can be more relaxed. Check these requirements in advance to avoid any problems at the door. If you dress appropriately, you will not be turned away and can enjoy the night without worrying. Being aware of these dress codes ensures a smooth and enjoyable experience at your chosen venue when looking for a disco pub near me.

Explore Mid-Week Nights for Special Deals and Lesser Crowds

Consider a midweek night out for a more relaxing experience. Special food items like discounted drinks or cash admission are usually available on these nights, and the venues are generally less crowded. This means you can enjoy great music and the same atmosphere with more space and better service.


Bangalore’s nightlife and dance scene is booming, with a mix of genres and an energetic atmosphere. Each location brings something unique to the table, encouraging you to discover the city’s diverse nightlife scene. Dancing is a universal joy that brings people together, making every night an opportunity to create memorable moments with friends and strangers. If you're looking for a disco pub near me, Bangalore offers a variety of venues that cater to all tastes, ensuring you have a fantastic time out.

If you're looking for the best disco pub near me in Bangalore, Boho The Bar is the place to be. Known for its eclectic music and lively ambience, Boho offers an unforgettable experience. Whether it’s a casual getaway or a special celebration, you’ll find everything you need for a fantastic night out. 

Be sure to come to Boho the Bar for a night of great music and fun!

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