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Discover Bangalore's Top Extravagant Pubs for an Unforgettable Night Party

costliest pub in bangalore

Let's face it, staying in is so last season - it's time to dive into Bangalore's glitzy night scene! Are you ready for an unforgettable night out in Bangalore? The city offers some of the most luxurious pubs for a grand night party. These venues promise top-notch drinks, a fantastic ambience, and an experience. If you're looking for the costliest pub in Bangalore, you'll find it here.

You'll find the perfect spot to party in style with premium beverages, delicious food, and an electrifying atmosphere. Whether celebrating a special occasion or looking to have a great time, Bangalore's top pubs offer everything you need for a memorable night.

Experience the Costliest Pub in Bangalore and Other Top Night Party Spots

Bangalore's nightlife is lively and exciting and great for escaping routine. At night, the city buzzes with unique bars and clubs, each offering something special. Whether you’re a local or a tourist, the nightlife here, including the most costliest pub in Bangalore, is something you can’t miss. 

Bangalore pubs are attractive because they blend luxury and a vibrant atmosphere.

These venues are ideal for night parties, with dance floors, top DJs and premium drinks. You can dance all night while enjoying the best of Bangalore. 

Looking for the costliest pub in Bangalore? There are a whole lot, and these pubs promise an unforgettable night with exquisite interiors, high-quality beverages, and exceptional service. They're the ideal setting for remembering those special celebrations or nights.

No matter what your preference, Bangalore's top pubs cater to every taste. You’ll find the perfect place for a fabulous night out, from a chic lounge to an energetic dance floor. The most expensive pub in Bangalore ensures you have everything you need for a memorable experience.

Curated List of Top Pubs for Night Parties in Bangalore

When it comes to night parties in Bangalore, every bar offers a unique and memorable experience. With the perfect blend of ambience, service, and music, these places cater to all tastes. Whether you love a chic, elegant vibe or an energetic dance floor, you’ll find your ideal spot here. 

The most expensive pub in Bangalore stands out for its luxurious interiors, superior service, and quality DJs, which ensure an unforgettable night. From premium drinks and food to exceptional hospitality, the costliest pub in Bangalore offers everything you need for a memorable party.

Boho the Bar, Koramangala

costliest pub in bangalore

You can experience a blend of bohemian charm and contemporary style at Boho the Bar, the ultimate go-to for a great night out. Located in Koramangala and Whitefield, Boho the Bar is more than just a place to drink; it’s a haven for those who appreciate a chic, artsy atmosphere and impeccable service. Despite its reasonable prices, Boho offers a luxurious experience that rivals the costliest pubs in Bangalore, making it a top pick for a memorable evening.

  • Ambience: When you go Boho, you will find a unique blend of bohemian and contemporary. Artistic furniture and comfortable chairs make it a welcoming place to relax and unwind.

  • Food/Drink: Boho's impressive wine list features a mix of classic cocktails and something new created by master drinkers. To accompany your drinks, they offer a variety of desserts and small plates that complement them perfectly.

  • Standout Feature: What sets Boho the Bar apart is its live music and themed events. Talented local artists often perform, creating a vibrant atmosphere. Plus, if you want to dance the night away, there’s a dance floor. Each tour is unique, thanks to regular events and live performances.

  • Price: Approximately INR 1,600 for two people.

Big Brewsky, Sarjapur Road

Big Brewski is the perfect place for a romantic yet fun night out. With a pleasant mix of outdoor and indoor seating, the bar creates an inviting and relaxed atmosphere. Ideal for couples and groups who want to enjoy a fun evening with good food and drinks.

  • Ambience: The mix of outdoor and indoor seating creates a romantic atmosphere and is relaxing and inviting.

  • Food/Drink: Brewed offers a wide variety of beers and global cuisine, including popular appetizers, main courses and desserts.

  • Standout Features: An on-site winery and beautiful koi pond add to the unique experience.

  • Price: Approximately INR 2,000 for two people.

Skyye Lounge, Lavelle Road

Skyy Lounge stands out for its breathtaking view of the Bangalore skyline, making it a unique choice for high-end night parties. The unique lighting and low-gloss flooring create a sophisticated and elegant ambience. Perfect for those who want a fancy night out with friends or someone special, Skyy Lounge is the costliest pub in Bangalore with its luxurious experience.

  • Ambience: Panoramic city views with unique lighting systems and under-light floors, for an upscale and stylish party vibe.

  • Food/Drink: Skyye Lounge offers various drinks and snacks, including good appetizers, mains, and desserts with unique flavours.

  • Standout Feature: The rooftop area offers terrific panoramic views of the city.

  • Price: Around INR 2,500 for two people.

Pebble, Sadashiv Nagar

Pebble has long been a favourite spot for Bengaluru’s nightlife enthusiasts. It is known for its ‘jungle’-themed décor and sprawling dance floors. The unique setting creates a vibrant and energetic atmosphere for dance lovers and musical enthusiasts. It’s a great place to unwind and enjoy a night out with friends.

  • Ambience: Known for its ‘Jungle’ themed décor, it offers a unique and lively party atmosphere with plenty of room for dancing.

  • Food/Drink: A diverse menu with various drinks and food options, catering to all tastes, including local and international favourites.

  • Standout Feature: The ‘forest’ theme and open-air dance floor set it apart.

  • Price: Approximately INR 2,500 for two people.

XU, Old Airport Road

XU offers a classy atmosphere perfect for a fabulous night out. It creates a vibrant vibe with great food, local bands, and an in-house DJ. The mix of nightclubs and restaurants appeals to the stylish crowd looking for a classy yet fun experience. XU is an excellent choice for those wishing to experience the costliest pub in Bangalore.

  • Ambience: Mixing nightclub and casual dining with an upscale atmosphere, it attracts a stylish crowd.

  • Food/Drink: XU offers a variety of food and beverage options, making for an enjoyable dining experience.

  • Standout Feature: Live music from local bands and resident DJs keeps it entertaining.

  • Price: Around INR 2,200 for two people.

High Ultra Lounge, Malleswaram

Renowned as the premier restaurant in South India, High Ultra Lounge offers amazing oriental cuisine and breathtaking views. It has a spacious dance floor for dance lovers, ideal for a breezy evening day.

  • Ambience: It boasts stunning views and is the highest lounge in South India, with a breezy and romantic setting.

  • Food/Drink: The High Ultra Lounge offers sophisticated oriental cuisine and an elegant selection of drinks, perfect for a sophisticated evening.

  • Standout Feature: The altitude offers unparalleled views and cool breezes. This venue truly lives up to its reputation as one of the costliest pub in Bangalore.

  • Price: Approximately INR 3,000 for two people.

No Limmits Lounge and Club, Brigade Road

No Limmits Lounge and Club offers a vibrant nightlife experience with strobe lights and a variety of music. It is perfect for those who like a diverse and energetic atmosphere, providing everything from hip-hop to electronic dance music.

  • Ambience: Vibrant strobe lights and music create a lively nightlife experience. The multi-level design gives different vibes on each floor.

  • Food/Drink: The extensive menu features classic cocktails, new blends, and various appetizers, main courses, and desserts to suit all tastes.

  • Standout Feature: An eclectic mix of music and lighting keeps the energy high throughout the night, with themed nights and DJ guests adding extra fun.

  • Price: Around INR 2,000 for two persons.


LOFT38 features a unique loft-style layout with neon lighting, creating an energetic, trendy, inviting party vibe. The open and airy design and neon accents create the perfect night-out mood.

  • Ambience: The loft-style layout with neon lighting creates an energetic and trendy party vibe. Multi-level seating and a dance floor enhance the interactive experience.

  • Food/Drink: A varied menu with gourmet pizzas, Asian fusion dishes, and a wide selection of cocktails, mocktails and craft beers.

  • Standout Feature: DJs in the crowd for an immersive party experience.

  • Price: Around INR 2,200 for two persons.

Vapor Pub & Brewery, Indiranagar

Vapor Pub & Brewery is a microbrewery serving craft beer with a rooftop atmosphere. It provides a versatile space that meets the needs of going to a pub, including areas to dance, eat and relax.

  • Ambience: The relaxed yet cozy rooftop atmosphere makes it the perfect place for a casual night out or a fun party. A combination of indoor and outdoor seating allows guests to choose where they want.

  • Food/Drink: Vapor is known for its home-brewed craft beer with various flavours and designs. 

  • Standout Features: An indoor microbrewery and versatile space make it popular, and the dance floor offers space for those willing to let loose.

  • Price: Around INR 2,000 for two persons.

Happy Brew, Koramangala 5th Block

Located in Koramangala 5th Block, Happy Brew is a hot spot for anyone who loves Bollywood music and a great party atmosphere.  Its vibrant atmosphere, delicious food, drinks, and unique music experience will become a hit.

  • Ambience: The place is vibrant and energetic, ideal for large groups. Spacious and designed to accommodate significant events, it ensures a great time for all.

  • Food/Drink: Happy Brew offers various drinks and delicious snacks for sharing. The menu offers a selection of classics and novelties to please everyone.

  • Standout Feature: Happy Brew’s focus on Bollywood music sets it apart. They often have a song where you can sing your favorite songs with friends. This unique musical focus adds a fun and engaging element to the experience, making it a popular choice among those seeking a lively atmosphere similar to the costliest pub in Bangalore.

  • Price: Around INR 1,600 for two persons.


Pubs and Clubs are a must-visit for an unforgettable night party experience in Bangalore. Speaking of memorable experiences, visiting the costliest pub in Bangalore elevates your night out with unmatched sophistication and luxury. Why not treat yourself to an unparalleled nightlife experience?

Kick off your night at Boho the Bar, our top recommendation for a chic and unforgettable experience. Boho the Bar promises a night filled with great music, delicious drinks, and a cozy atmosphere. Despite being reasonably priced, it offers a luxurious experience that can easily rival the costliest pubs in Bangalore.

Visit Boho the Bar and let the magic of the city’s nightlife sweep you off your feet.

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