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Top Affordable Cool Bars and Pubs Near You

Updated: Jun 19

cool bars near you

Is the month-end hitting you? Are you already looking for affordable yet cool bars near you? Then you are in the right place. 

Embrace the good times without breaking the bank! These budget-friendly cool bars near you provide pleasant atmospheres, good food, and reasonably priced liquor options. They are perfect for anyone looking to unwind without going over budget for that month-end struggle! 

Key Features of Budget-Friendly Drinking Spots 

If you are looking for a cool bar near you, Consider these features before you choose!

  1. Drink Selection & Cost: Budget-friendly bars offer a variety of beers, wines, and spirits at reasonable prices, satisfying a variety of palates without breaking the bank. Make sure you find the best for you, depending on your budget and comfort. 

  2. Themed Ambiance: These places, which range from sports pubs to dive bars, frequently feature distinctive themes and décor that draw in particular customers and create a particular environment. Look out for the ambiance which suits your mood and comfort zone! 

  3. Deals & Specials: Happy hours, ladies' nights, student discounts, or 1+1 drink offerings usually allow you to get more beverages for less money. Find out about these deals before you make reservations.

  4. Reviews and Ratings: Before you go, check online reviews and ratings; you can choose Zomato or Swiggy to get a feel for the popular bar, its mood, and the quality of its drinks.

Without any delay, let’s find out the Top 10 affordable and cool bars near you.

Top 10 Affordable Bars and Pubs near you! 

  1. Boho, the bar

  2. Bob’s bar

  3. Chin Lung Resto Bar

  4. Sathya’s, Koramangala

  5. Just BLR

  6. Big Barrel

  7. Gilly’s 104 Bar

  8. House of Commons

  9. 1522

  10. Plan B

Shall we start with the first one on our list of affordable and cool bars in Bangalore? 

cool bars near you

Boho the Bar, in Koramangala, is a hip hangout for Bangalore's younger set. It offers an exciting environment and reasonably priced drinks. 

Here are some reasons to give it a look:

  • Easy on the wallet: Boho's selection of drinks is reasonably priced, so you can enjoy a night out without going over budget. They also offer ladies’ night, a Bollywood dance floor, and happy hour specials!

  • Cool & Trendy Feelings: Boho's industrial-chic interior design exudes a hip and fashionable vibe. With a youthful and vibrant clientele, it's a place to see and be seen and an absolute Instagram-worthy place! 

  • Don't just drink on an empty stomach—fuel up and Dance! Boho has a delectable menu ideal for grabbing a bite before heading to the dance floor. With their lip-smacking veg and Non-veg platter, Pizzas, and pasta. 

Must-Try Recommendations:  Spinach Mushroom Dumplings, Oreo Sundae, Hariyali Fish, Mezze Platter, Chicken Platter, Spicy Chicken

Timings: 12.30 noon- 12.30 am

Cost for two: ₹1200

Approximate price for Beer (pint): ₹210 

Location: Koramangala and Whitefield (Rooftop dining and bar)

This cool bar near you is one of the most famous bars for affordable drinks—yes, Bob’s Bar it is! 

2. Bob’s Bar

At Bob's Bar, ditch fancy pubs for friendliness! This renowned bar in Bangalore provides a cheap and best drinking experience at prices that beat the budget. Its four locations provide convenience, and the atmosphere is cheerful and good company. Anticipate a good assortment of food and beers, possibly enhanced by happy hour specials. Bob's Bar is great for informal get-togethers with friends; it definitely won't break the bank. Oh! Yeah, make sure to reach early otherwise, you won’t get a seat. 

Must-Try Recommendations: Kabab, Ghee Roast Masala, Masala Soda, Egg Roast, Pork Ribs, Pepper Chicken 

Timings: 11 am - 1 am

Location: Multiple locations - Indiranagar, JP Nagar, Koramangala, Kalyan Nagar

Cost for two: ₹1200 (with alcohol)

Pint of Beer: ₹140

The next on our list is a cool bar near you that you can explore this weekend! 

3. Chin Lung Resto Bar

Chin Lung Resto Bar serves a range of cuisines, including Northern Indian food, at affordable prices and with the best ambiance. It has several locations throughout Bangalore, and its ambiance and service are well-received and reviewed by Bangaloreans. 

Must-Try Recommendations: Spicy Fries, Babycorn Manchurian, Chicken Tikka, Fried Rice, Drinks, Starters

Timings: 11 am - 12.30 am

Location: Multiple locations

Cost for two: ₹1400 for two (with alcohol)

Pint of Beer: ₹120

This next bar on our list is affordable and cool, and it's near you, so you can go for a friends’ hangout! 

4. Sathya’s, Koramangala

In Koramangala, Sathya's is a quaint local bar with reasonably priced drinks and a laid-back vibe. It is a wonderful place to relax after a hard day because of its laid-back atmosphere and helpful personnel. Sathya's ensures a fantastic time whether you're enjoying their assortment of drinks or getting a beer with pals.

Known for its Vintage Decor Live Sports Screening, Sathya’s could be on your list for this weekend vibe! 

Must-Try Recommendations: Punjabi Chicken, Fish Tawa Fry, Lemon Chicken, Pepper Chicken, Desserts, Pizza

Timings: 10 am - 1 am

Location: Koramangala 3rd block

Cost for two: ₹1400 (with alcohol)

Pint of Beer: ₹150 

Ever wondered about a cool bar in Bangalore with affordable prices? That, too, in Brigade Road! Yes, it’s Just BLR! 

5. Just BLR

Located in the center of Bangalore, Just BLR is well-known for its lively environment and reasonably priced drinks. This place is highly recommended for a fun and reasonably priced night out due to its diverse decor and energetic audience. There is something for everyone at Just BLR, from traditional cocktails to regional beers.

Must-Try Recommendations: Pizza Sub, Peri Peri Chicken Skewer, Crispy Fried Chicken, Chicken Wing, Brewed Beer, Chilli Chicken

Timings: 11 am - 1 am

Location: Brigade Road

Cost for two: ₹2500 (with alcohol)

Pint of Beer: ₹215 

If you are from a residential area of Bangalore and looking for a cool bar near you, then you must visit Big Barrel! 

6. Big Barrel

Big Barrel is a well-known location in Bangalore that offers an extensive menu of reasonably priced drinks. Thanks to its roomy rooms and friendly atmosphere, it's ideal for get-togethers with friends and coworkers. Also, for a lovely celebration with your friends and loved ones! Whether you prefer beer, cocktails, or whiskey, Big Barrel has a selection to suit every taste.

Must-Try Recommendations: Craft Beer, Cocktail, Paneer Tikka, Pizzas, Drinks, Dessert

Timings: 12 noon to 12.30 am

Location: Rajarajeshwari Nagar

Cost for two: ₹2000( with alcohol)

Pint of Beer: ₹225

7. Gilly’s 104 Bar

A well-liked hangout in Bangalore, Gilly's 104 bar is well-known for its affordable cocktails and energetic vibe. It's the perfect place to relax with friends because of its warm atmosphere and positive sentiments. With a selection of draft beers and unique cocktails, Gilly's assures an enjoyable evening without going over budget.

Must-Try Recommendations: Mutton Chettinad, Tandoori Chicken Tikka, Schezwan Chicken, Noodle, Bacon, Cocktail

Timings: 12 noon - 1 am

Location: Koramangala 5th Block

Cost for two: ₹2000 (with alcohol)

Pint of Beer: ₹310 

Are you a college student? Looking for some budget-friendly yet cool bars near you? Then, the House of Commons is your best choice! 

8. House of Commons

Bangalore's House of Commons is a great hangout known for its reasonably priced drinks and lively atmosphere. It's the perfect place to hang out with college friends because of its stylish yet welcoming atmosphere. House of Commons guarantees an unforgettable evening without breaking the bank, whether you're drinking a refreshing beer or cocktails.

Must-Try Recommendations: Lahori Murgh Tikka, Devilled Chicken, Jumbo Veg Platter, Veg Fritters, Honey Potato, Kamikaze

Timings: 10.30 am - 1 am

Location: Koramangala 5th Block

Cost for two: ₹1500 (with alcohol) 

Pint of Beer: ₹155

9. 1522, The Pub

Bangalore's 1522 is well-known for its friendly ambiance and reasonably priced cocktails. Residents and tourists frequently visit there because of its relaxed atmosphere and wide-ranging food. 1522 delivers a laid-back yet exciting experience without breaking the budget when you're seeking good food and a drink by the side. 

Must-Try Recommendations: Tuna Fish Salad, Chilli Mojito, Devil Chicken, White Sauce Pasta, Cocktails, Beer

Timings: 11 am - 1 am 

Location: Multiple locations across Bangalore

Cost for two: ₹1800 (with alcohol)

Pint of Beer: ₹180 

Craving for some juicy Chicken wings? This cool bar near you is a must-try!

10. Plan B

Plan B, located in Bangalore, is well-known for its lively atmosphere and reasonably priced drinks. Locals love it for its varied food and laid-back atmosphere. A fun night out without breaking the bank is guaranteed with Plan B, regardless of whether you're in the mood for cocktails or beers.

Must-Try Recommendations: Peri Peri Chicken Wings, Honey Chilli Potatoes, Beef Burger

Timings: 12 noon - 1 am

Location: Multiple locations across Bangalore 

Cost for two: ₹1600 (with alcohol)

Pint of Beer: ₹168

As we wrap up, these cool bars near you are the best and the most affordable choices you can make for the month-end or a budget-friendly drinking night! 


In Conclusion, Choosing the ideal cool bar near you is essential for an enjoyable evening. To guarantee a remarkable experience without going over budget, it's important to balance cost, quality, and atmosphere. Making the perfect decision entails savoring beverages with friends in a friendly setting without compromising on ambiance or flavor. It's about making treasured moments while keeping your spending in check.

To book a table, Get in touch!

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