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Exploring Different Types of Bars to Operate

 types of bars

Ever wondered about starting your own pub or a bar? As drinking venues become common globally, people have started looking for business options in the industry. The owners offer customers different types of bars and pubs with unique ideas in mind. In this article, let’s find out the most common types of bars to operate if you are looking to open one of your own or maybe just find out the most unique type of bar that tops the list. 

Bars provide their customers various experiences by showcasing a rich tapestry of hospitality and entertainment. The best kind depends on several variables, including the business's location, target market, and owner enthusiasm. The range of bars is wide, with everything from traditional pubs to innovative ideas that appeal to different tastes and moods in the context of drinking and friendship.

Traditional Bars: The typical ones! 

In Indian social life, traditional bars have a unique place since they provide a variety of experiences based on friendship and community.

A classic traditional bar usually has a relaxed vibe, serves conventional drinks, and encourages people to socialize in the neighbourhood. In simple words, it is just another hang-out pub! Let’s find out the different types of bars. 

Pubs: The most common type of bar 

With a focus on community, these establishments act as gathering places for locals, offering a friendly environment for savouring drinks and substantial pub fare. For example, Boho, the Bar, in Koramangala is a well-known pub to consider in this case. With a wide-range of food options, from Seafood to lip-smacking Veg options and several liquor options, Boho offers the best experience of a pub. 

Dive Bars: For that TGIF fever! 

Known for their affordable beverages and laid-back feel, dive bars provide a casual refuge for anyone looking for a laid-back setting and straightforward enjoyment. Ex: Bob’s Bar, in Koramangala.

Sports bars

Well-liked by game fans, these places provide a fun atmosphere for viewing games on several screens while enjoying game-day snacks and beverages. Ex: Xtreme Sports Bar, Indiranagar. 

Wine Bars

Classy and sophisticated wine bars focus on serving a wide variety of wines and create an elegant setting for wine fans and connoisseurs. Examples include High Ultra Lounge. 

Irish Pubs

Boasting a blend of beer, whiskey, and live music, Irish pubs radiate a warm, welcoming ambience that invites customers to savour a bit of Irish culture. Ex: The Irish House. 

Hotel Bars

Offering an elegant touch, hotel bars provide visitors and guests with a range of upmarket experiences, from chic cocktail lounges to quaint nooks, all tailored to suit the varied tastes and preferences of the Indian market. Ex: The Polo Club ( The Oberoi). 

Now that we’ve covered the classics, let’s explore more niche and specialty bars that truly bring creativity to the forefront.

Speciality Bars: Where Innovation Meets Creativity! 

A speciality bar provides unique experiences catered to certain tastes and hobbies, concentrating on craft cocktails, whiskey, or brews.

Cocktail Bars

Cocktail bars are havens for mixology enthusiasts, where creative mixologists create mind-blowing cocktails using quality spirits and seasonal ingredients.

 types of bars

To provide an elegant drinking experience, talented mixologists at Boho, the bar in Koramangala, create creative cocktails with quality spirits and fresh ingredients. These bars are exclusively famous for cocktails and signature alcoholic beverages. 

Whiskey Bars

Whiskey bars offer a wide selection of fine whiskeys from around the world, making them a paradise for both enthusiasts and newcomers. 

The Bangalore Whiskey Club offers an array of international whiskeys for enthusiasts to sample and discover a variety of flavours and styles.

But wait, there's more to explore regarding unique bar experiences!


Brewpubs combines the friendliness of a pub with the art of brewing to create a unique experience where customers can sip freshly brewed beers on-site. Arbor Brewing Company distinguishes itself with its brewery and pub combination, serving delectable pub grub and a constantly changing assortment of craft beers made on the premises.

Cigar Bars

Cigar bars provide a sophisticated haven for enthusiasts who enjoy great cigars combined with premium liquors and drinks. These businesses offer a sophisticated setting for enjoying the delights of cigar smoking and liquor options. 

The Oberoi Bengaluru's Cigar Lounge offers a classy environment for savouring premium cigars and an array of premium liquors and traditional drinks.

Now that we've looked at speciality bars let's mix things up with entertainment and theme-based bars offering unique experiences. 

Entertainment and Theme-Based Bars: For all the party animals

Unique experiences are provided by entertainment and theme-based establishments, which elevate social gatherings with captivating activities and immersive environments. These bars are quite famous in cities like Bangalore, which often hosts several theme-based events and celebrations. Let’s find out the different theme-based types of bars.

Live music bars

With their lively ambience and excellent bands and performers, these establishments attract large audiences with their varied musical styles and upbeat shows.

Ex: Boho, the bar in Koramangala, offers magnificent live music shows performed by the city's top artists. 

Karaoke Bars

Here, guests take centre stage as they belt out their favourite songs and spend a fun-filled evening mingling and singing with friends.

Ex: What’s in a name, Koramangala


Speakeasies beckon with their seductive charm and expertly mixed cocktails, taking customers back to the Prohibition era. This allows clients to fully embrace the glamour of the Roaring Twenties.

Ex: 10 speakeasy

Themed Bars

These immersive experiences revolve around certain concepts or themes, drawing customers in with distinctive décor, beverages, and atmosphere. Themed bars range from throwback 80s pubs to Harry Potter-inspired venues.

Ex: The black pearl, offering a pirate theme. 

Arcade Bars

Arcade bars combine nostalgia with vibrant nightlife. They provide a delightful blend of vintage arcade games and a lively bar scene, making for an enjoyable escape for guests who enjoy retro gaming and refreshments.

Ex: K-Os the Game bar, Koramangala

Comedy Bars 

A night of laughter and companionship is created when stand-up comedians enthral audiences with entertaining acts as patrons savour themed cocktails and bites.

Ex: Drunkling, the comedy bar

Innovative and Niche Bars across the world! 

This is a type of bar that offers Unique experiences provided by inventive specialties, pushing the limits of conventional nightlife and appealing to particular tastes and preferences.

Rooftop Bars

Against a breathtaking skyline backdrop, rooftop bars offer a classy setting for chatting with friends and enjoying cocktails. They also offer elevated views and a stylish ambience.

 types of bars

Ex: Boho, the bar, Brookfield, offers a spectacular rooftop bar and restaurant. This place offers the best rooftop services with great city views and lip-smacking food and beverages. 

Beach Bars

With its embrace of a tropical ambience, beach bars take their guests to a coastal paradise with their refreshing beers, fruity drinks, and beach food. 

Ex: Shiva Valley, Anjuna Beach, Goa, is the most common beach bar known for its beach aesthetics.

Tiki Bars

Full of island charm, tiki bars evoke the mood of a Polynesian vacation with their delectable island cuisine, rum-based cocktails, and tropical décor.

Ex: Tiki Village, Cafe and Resto Bar, MS Palya, Bengaluru

Sake Bars

Featuring a well-chosen assortment of sake varieties together with freshly made sushi and other Japanese foods, sake bars provide a genuine taste experience with their minimalist design

Ex: Kazé Bar & Kitchen, Ashok Nagar, Bengaluru

Ice Bars

Creating a chilly paradise where guests may enjoy chilled drinks in a unique atmosphere, ice bars offer a genuinely unique experience. Everything about the bar counter and seating is made of ice.

Usually, the Ice bars are located in the snowy/icy regions of the world. The most unique ice bar is in Las Vegas, Nevada, where the whole bar stays under minus 5° Ice experience. 

Library Bars

Library bars provide a calm haven from the bustle. They offer a quaint, homey atmosphere evocative of classic libraries, where guests may unwind with a book and enjoy expertly made cocktails in silence.

The Fable London is the top Library bar in the world. It offers classic Aesop fables and other unexpected bar treats to delight the senses.

Pop-up Bars

These transient, event-driven bars provide guests with unique and unforgettable drinking experiences by popping up for a short while in different locations and serving limited-edition cocktails and themed activities.

The bars occasionally show up in random places and events to gather all the liquor lovers from the neighbourhood. 

Tapas/Small Plate Bars

With an emphasis on group dining, tapas bars offer a range of small bites ideal for sharing with friends. When combined with a choice of wines, cocktails, or craft brews, the setting fosters a convivial atmosphere for tasting and delighting in food.

Ex: Casa Picossa, Bengaluru.

Alright, we've covered quite a bit of ground! Now, let's talk about how you can choose the right type of bar for your business.

Choosing the Right Type for Your Operation

The key to success is choosing the appropriate kind of bar for your business. To ensure a successful and rewarding enterprise, evaluate many criteria, such as target population, geography, competition, and personal experience, to identify the concept that best fits your objectives. 

Factors to consider: Target audience, location, and personal interests

  1. Target Audience: Make sure your bar idea and products are appropriate for your potential customers by learning about their preferences, demographics, and spending patterns. This could be a way of personalisation for your customer needs to have an impact. 

  2. Location: To guarantee your bar's visibility and success in the selected place, consider foot traffic, surrounding competition, accessibility, and zoning rules.

  3. Personal Interests: Align your vision, expertise, and passion with the chosen bar concept to sustain passion and dedication and eventually contribute to the long-term viability and success of the bar.

Innovating the Bar Experience: MarketMan's Inventory Solutions for Enhanced Operations

Innovation is essential to improving the bar experience by providing distinctive ideas, inventive cocktails, and captivating environments for customers. In an increasingly competitive business, bars may drive development and profitability by differentiating themselves, attracting new customers, and cultivating loyalty among existing ones through interactive technologies, themed events, and unique drink concoctions.

MarketMan’s Role in Inventory

A cloud-based software platform called MarketMan was created to help bars, restaurants, and other food service businesses with inventory management and procurement procedures.

It assists companies in automating processes like placing orders, receiving them, billing customers, and keeping track of inventory, eventually boosting productivity, lowering expenses, and guaranteeing more seamless operations.

MarketMan is essential to inventory management for bars of all kinds since it streamlines processes, lowers expenses, and guarantees effective stock control. MarketMan offers customizable solutions tailored to each establishment's unique requirements, streamlining inventory procedures and boosting overall efficiency. These solutions can be used for tracking ingredients for craft cocktails in cocktail bars, keeping an eye on beer kegs in brewpubs, or managing wine inventory in wine bars.


In conclusion, the bar business benefits greatly from variety and provides customers with many exciting experiences. Every idea, from inventive-themed bars to traditional pubs, livens up the social scene and accommodates a range of interests and events. Seize the chance to investigate original and genuine bar designs, enhancing everyone's enjoyment of the nightlife.

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